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Hyunjoo Beatrice Oh is a director of UX/product design and a creative visionary at Salesforce with over 15 years of experience spearheading complex projects for multi-national organizations of varying sizes and industries. She builds culturally diverse teams with interdisciplinary skills and leads strategic products through user-centered and design-led innovation. As a leader, she guides the team by example and trains the team to be able to ask “Why” and “What if?” questions more often because she believes it is better to surface an issue and be wrong than to not surface it and be right. She has an exceptional ability to integrate best practices in design with a focus on achieving business objectives to deliver product design that has a positive impact on a company’s overall profitability. She has a proven record of management and accomplishment, having launched more than twenty digital products and issued sixteen patents. She currently lives in San Francisco, California.

Professional Competencies:
Digital Transformation, Intelligent Enterprise, Design Thinking, User Experience, Product Design, Business Model Innovation, Product Innovation, Process Innovation, Consumer Electronics, Telcos, IoT/M2M, SAP ERP, SAP Leonardo, Smart Finance, Digital Manufacturing, Strategic Procurement, Connected Car, Mobility as a Service (MaaS), Connected Healthcare, Public Sectors and Education

As a product design director, my background in cutting-edge contemporary art & design practice to hands-on experience with the IT industry has made me professional, creative, and fearless to try something new and unknown. My career orientation seeks to move my research beyond the fascination with sophisticated technological tools or design methodologies themselves, towards meaningful and intelligent growth and impact upon society. I consider myself a ‘comprehensive designer’ as defined by R. Buckminster Fuller, “The comprehensive designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist, and evolutionary strategist.” This converged and T-shaped interdisciplinary approach and synthesis of roles make me a well-suited thought leader.