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Nestlé Smart Finance UX (’16)

Customer: Nestlé


SAP was tasked to deliver improved versions of 100 transactions covering the work and responsibilities of Nestlé Account Payable (AP) analysts, associates, and supervisors in Nestlé shared service centers. The project was SAP’s largest global escalation collaboration, and I was glad that I could apply my past rapid UX production experience into the project and contributed to achieve a huge success as the SAP leadership team and Nestlé acclaimed.

Results at a Glance

I successfully interviewed, researched, designed, iterated, collaborated, delivered and got signed off all 7 transaction application UX: (Feb 21st – ­Apr 20th, 2016)

  • I researched and designed 7 transaction applications
  • Total effort that I put for Nestlé sFin UX project was 38 person days
  • Traveled for 3 weeks straight with business trips from Seoul to Walldorf and to Philippines
  • Manila in order to achieve the customer’s the tight implementation deadline
  • I worked intensively in collaboration with developers in Palo Alto and India both on­site and remote after returning to Seoul (10 Developers)
  • All my applications were successfully signed off by customers without any failures
  • Some of the UX improvements that I designed were appreciated through feedback by actual Nestlé users


I conducted user research at the Nestlé Business Services site in Manila, the Philippines. The main goal of the research was to focus on identifying the most important functional gaps of the transactions used in Nestlé shared services centers as well as uncovering simplification and/or automation opportunities to improve the user experience. Research findings were then immediately translated into SAP screen personas (SSP) UI mockups that were handed over to development as soon as they passed three validations checks (by sFin Fiori experts, by SSP experts, and by the end users). Once back from Manila, the team continued working in tandem with development to ensure our designs were properly implemented, while further refining the designs to ensure alignment between inter-dependent transactions and overall consistency with the style guide.


  • For Nestlé, we were able to design and develop a significant number of transactions in a short timeframe (February – April 2016), on time for the MY/SG to go live 17 July 2016.
  • For SAP, this engagement was an opportunity to maintain our ongoing relationship with one of our flagship customers.