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Samsung Touchwiz 1.0-1.5 Smart Phone UI (’08)

UI Guidelines (Samsung Touchwiz 1.0-1.5), 2008-2009
I developed application UI based on Samsung TouchWiz version 1.0-1.5 for various commercial smart phones.
Samsung native app UI guidelines for various smart phone models (Music, SMS/MMS/Email for Sprint/At&T/LGT/SKT/KTF, Homescreen, Setup Wizard, Browser, Settings and more), Entire Wimax Mobile Internet Device M100 App UI (Sprint/Clearwire) and entire Wibro M830 model app UI guidelines (SK telecom)







SKT Omnia I

Home Screen of the first Wimax device

Home Screen of the first Wimax device

* Due to Samsung’s policy, the UI images above are not directly from my original UI guideline documents that I created while I was working at Samsung. However, all products that I had worked at Samsung are commercially available, so I was able to find images and listed them here.