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Nodule Resonance VR (’05)

Virtual Reality Project

05/2005, (art)n Lab, Chicago

‘Nodule Resonance’ is a networked sound system in Virtual Reality. The project explores the resonant characteristics and architectural acoustics of virtual space using a permutation process of network delay that is the time required for a signal to traverse the network. It also experiments the idea of realtime audio-visual synthesis in the virtual environment, using time-dependent data streams and realtime physics node. (gravity and collision detection) The participants breaths out into a straw that a tiny microphone is attached and a bubble appears in the virtual space. They can actually grab and throw it to the virtual wall. During this process a perl script automatically sends a ping message to a random IP address on the internet and then get the average delay time. A reverberation max patch(customized sound software) receives this parameter, and use it to change the resonance of the audio sound files of the bubble when the bubble hits the wall and bounces back and forth.

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[System Requirement]

Redhat Linux 7.3 Operating system
CAVElib 3.0 & trackd 5.0
SGI Performer ver. 3.X
YGDRAGIL ver. 0.1.11
Open Dynamic Engine (ODE) –